What makes Miao Gao Tai so great?

A traditional distillation process that has existed for millenniums...

Over seven distillations are completed before the liquor is carefully sealed for aging. Each batch produces a liquor that is unique in its level of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and spiciness flavor. Then, each batch is labeled with its dominant taste and sealed.

The final Miao Gao Tai liquor is produced by expertly mixing a perfect combination of the flavors by experienced sommeliers.  

It's sustainable...

All resources used in creating Chinese baijiu, including Miao Gao Tai, are from MaoTai Town. The environment is just the right temperature and humidity year-round to grow and ferment red sorghum that gives the liquor its unique and savory taste. The sorghum is handpicked and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality.

The water used in the production of Miao Gao Tai comes from the ChiShui River, which flows through the town carrying micronutrients essential for growing and processing sorghum. All resources of MaoTai town are used, as even the unique red mud carved by the river is harvested and used to seal the sorghum during fermentation.